Since its inception in the 1890’s, Dilworth has been one of Charlotte’s most distinct neighborhoods. Developed as the city’s first suburb, Dilworth was connected to downtown by Charlotte’s first electric streetcar. The success of the initial development of Dilworth led its creator, Edward Dilworth Latta, to expand the neighborhood in the 1910’s, under a plan by the Olmstead Brothers, then the nation’s preeminent landscape designers.

Although their plan was never fully implemented, the Olmstead’s curved roads and dramatic landscaping set the tone for much of Charlotte’s future character. In 1987, Dilworth was listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Due to its historic character, most of the neighborhood of Dilworth is recognized as a historic district (see the maps below). This designation allows residents of the historic district to qualify for tax rebates for qualifying renovations and requires residents to apply for a certificate of appropriateness issued by the Charlotte Historic District Commission. For more information see links below.


Dilworth Community

Historic District

modern_dilworth_map historic_dist_map

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