Our mission is to foster an inviting, vibrant, safe community by encouraging historic preservation and collaborating for thoughtful growth. The DCA fulfills this mission by empowering residents to improve the quality of life in Dilworth through advocacy, partnership, and services.



As stated in its Bylaws, the objectives of the Dilworth Community Association are:

  • To promote the architectural heritage of, as well as other features affecting the lives of residents of, the Dilworth Community, by encouraging renovation of existing structures where possible, promoting a compatible blending of old and new businesses and residences through community involvement in planning, zoning and other issues which may affect the community.
  • To develop a pool of leadership and broad understanding of those factors influencing the quality of life in the community.
  • To establish specific goals, backed by planning, legal advice and other professional opinions in order to promote the cause of neighborhood involvement in city and county planning.
  • To develop full utilization of talent and manpower within the neighborhood and to forge a sense of community.
  • To promote the Dilworth Community and its resources and advantages to interested persons and groups and to the public at large.
  • To provide a communications base for meaningful discussions of issues pertinent to the community.
  • To promote and provide a basis for making known to interested parties community members’ views on issues of any nature.
  • To encourage and promote a closer association of business firms, residents and interested parties for the general welfare and progress of the Dilworth area and surrounding areas of the city.
  • To promote the development of recreational, cultural and educational programs and facilities in the Dilworth and surrounding areas of Charlotte, North Carolina, and to make donations for the public welfare or for religious, charitable, scientific, or educational purposes, but not to or for the use of any political party nor for any partisan political activity.