October brings crisp fall weather and the oldest community festival in Charlotte to Latta Park—the Dilworth Jubilee! With food, games, crafts, local politicians on the stump and some great music, the Jubilee has been uniting neighbors for a Saturday of good old fashioned community fun for decades. It is where you meet that person down the street you want to say “hi” to, that family with the great yard, that couple you always see at church and have a feeling you live near. It is where you have a beer with friends and realize that guy on stage playing bluegrass was your closing attorney when you bought your house, and the woman running around playing music with the children with Music Together is the same woman you see driving her kids around here because she lives in Dilworth. Jubilee is where you spend time talking to our Community Police Officer when you are working a game booth, or renewing an acquaintance with an old jogging partner and deciding to do your old route again.


Home Tour

Since 1972 Dilworth has opened its doors and welcomed friends and neighbors to its charming corner of Charlotte in one of Dilworth’s oldest and grandest traditions: the annual Dilworth Home Tour. For decades the tour was held in August in conjunction with the Dilworth JubFront_Doorilee. Summer heat and changing start of school schedules recently pushed it to a new time—-the cooler days of September.

The tour requires the efforts of several hundred volunteers, and relies on the generosity of the Dilworth homeowners willing each year to open their doors to welcome those from our community and beyond to tour their gracious homes. The largesse of Dilworth business sponsors and the collective creativity of florists who work with each homeowner on custom arrangements donated for the weekend of the tour help make the event a true community collaboration.

The tour is Dilworth’s only fundraiser. The bulk of the proceeds from the tour go to DCA’s annual budget, which supports  the DCA website, the Dilworth Jubilee, the annual Conquer the Canquer campaign to protect our tree canopy, the Dilworth Quarterly, the Ladies’ Holiday and Spring parties, the Dilworth Playgroup, and much more. A portion of the proceeds from ticket sales is also donated to the Dilworth Cares focus agency of the year.


Other Community Events

  • Dilworth Art Project
  • Newcomers Meet and Greet (early Spring and Fall)
  • Dilworth Criterium (April)
  • Street Parties (July 4th, Halloween, etc.)
  • Greek Festival (early September)
  • Festival in the Park (mid-September)
  • Thunder Road Marathon (mid-November)
  • Conquer the Canker (Fall)
  • Christmas Luminaries (December 24)