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Berkeley Bike Parade July 4th 2014

Whether new to Dilworth or someone who has been nesting here for a while, you call Dilworth home. Are you connected? Involved? Think of the last year…what have you done to create or to strengthen your connections with your neighbors and your neighborhood? If whatever you have done seems to be not quite enough to satisfy, then consider all the opportunities before you. The groups featured here are just a taste of the chances you have to connect. Explore each one and see which ones might suit you. Some are social, and some will appeal to the community activist in you. Some are for adults, some for kids, some just for the ladies and some just for the men.

 Explore the rest of this site to see the all the facets of life in Dilworth. Get involved in the Home Tour, the Jubilee, write for the Dilworth Quarterly magazine, come to a monthly DCA meeting, help band trees to protect from Cankerworms. Drink beer with the men on Thursdays wine with the ladies over the winter holidays.

 Most importantly, be sure you are signed up to receive the weekly DCDA Express email so that you’ll know week to week all that is going on in your home…..Dilworth.

 Get involved today. See you around the neighborhood!

Neighborhood (DCA) Committees

Please let us know if you are interested in joining a committee. Board membership is not required. These committees depend on the efforts of everyone in the community! 

Dilworth Groups