Spring and Holiday Parties


Dilworth Ladies Spring Party

You may be asking yourself, “Why would women celebrate Dilworth friendships only in December?” hmmm… very good question… to understand the history of the Dilworth Ladies Spring Party, one must be in the holiday mood… think back to Christmas Eve, 2007… around 11:00 am. Do you remember what you were doing?

Many of the neighbors on Berkeley Avenue had gathered in the home of Bob and Kristen Henderson to share a luminary lunch after they had once again trucked sand, white bags and candles up and down the street (and around all the corners!). The luminary tradition is the topic of another history lesson but for now; let’s think back to the lunch at the Henderson’s. Vickie Rolfe and Nancy Kramer were sitting on Kristen’s stairs sipping hot soup when Vickie asked Nancy a simple question: “What are you going to do with all the leftover wine from the Christmas Party?” That, my friends, was the beginning of yet another wonderful Dilworth tradition. The Spring Party was born out of necessity… we absolutely could not allow all that donated wine to go to waste. Now it’s tradition. We have partied in beautiful gardens all over Dilworth and the party just keeps getting better every year!

Want to volunteer to be a hostess at our next event? Contact Keely Monroe Edwards and click here for more information.


Merry Ladies of Dilworth Holiday Party

DSC_4490 (1)The Merry Ladies of Dilworth Holiday Party is first and foremost a celebration of Dilworth friendships, old and new. Many talented and diverse women live in Dilworth and this event is an opportunity to greet old neighbors and meet new ones. The holidays are a wonderful time to remember what a unique neighborhood we live in. Join us as we share the joy of the holidays with each other.

Each year, The Ladies of Dilworth Holiday Party is coordinated and planned by volunteer women from the Dilworth neighborhood; if you would like to help plan please email Arlene Fenlon at afenlon@carolina.rr.com.

The Annual Dilworth Ladies Spring Party is a lovely time of year to visit the garden of a neighbor and enjoy an evening with other Dilworth women. Springtime can easily become a very busy time… let’s all remember to slow down and spend an evening celebrating the beauty of the season with friends, old and new.