McDonald Avenue Friends and Neighbors

Welcome to the DCA webpage of the McDonald Avenue Friends & Neighbors. On September 9, 2006, McDonald Avenue neighbors formed an informal street group (The McDonald Avenue Friends & Neighbors) within the Dilworth Community Association.

Our continuing mission is to foster an old fashioned spirit of neighborliness, community and civility that is sorely missing in the fast paced communities we have built. Our active distribution includes over 40 homeowners.


McDonald Avenue residents and we have grown to include friends and neighbors who live on the connecting sections of Magnolia, Lyndhurst, Ideal Way and Euclid. Now “McDonald Avenue” is a term used more in spirit than as a geographic restriction.

When & Where:

McDonald Ave Friends & Neighbors hosts a weekly “fiesta Fridays” through the summer, spring party in Sedgefield Park, a Chili cook off competition, a Halloween street party and a winter party among other get togethers.

We would love your involvement in any of our events. If you would like to be a part of the fun in our section of South Dilworth or simply included on our email distributions, please click the button below and email our contact.

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